Precautions For The Installation Of Supermarket Display Shelves

The size of the supermarket display shelf is relatively large and weight is heavier compare to smaller display racks. In order to save logistics expense, most of supermarket display shelves are with K/D installation, so shops need to install it by themselves. To avoid installation failure, there are some tips need to be take into consideration. So what matters should we pay attention to installing a shelf?
1.The ground screws of the shop display shelf are used for finding a flat place, so the rack will not be fallen down. Also, please pay attention to ensure that the ground screws are completely contacting the ground.
2.The layer board must be located to the position with the layer brackets. If the layer board is not in place, there is big possibility that layer board will be leaning forward and cause danger.
3.The layer board and the bracket must be matching. If use the wrong bracket for layer board, the hidden safety is existed.
4.Avoid using brute force and hard objects to knock the shelf of display fixtures. The shelves are assembly products. The structure and craftsmanship are very mature. Basically, it will not be difficult to install. If it is hard to install, please contact us to recheck, to avoid brute force and knocking, avoid damage to the spray layer, which will greatly influence the beauty and usage of the shop display racks.
5.When installing the height direction of the custom shop fitting, you must be vertical and straight. Do not distort and tilt the depth direction. The safety pins at the bottom of the shelves must be fixed and firm, otherwise it will not stable enough to contain goods.
6. The completed display shelves are placed according to the previous venue design. During the carrying process, it is very important to pay attention to lift the shop fitting shelves lightly to avoid damage.

Post time: Oct-28-2022