Custom Made Merchandise Display Fixture

The retail store display fixtures usually are very large, and the weight is relatively heavy, to make sure they are stable and contain more products. On this custom merchandise display, it is with wood and metal material, can make sure the display is strong enough. K/D installation can help you to save shipping space.

  • Payment: T/T Or L/C
  • Product Origin: China
  • Lead time: 4 weeks
  • Brand: Custom made
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    Material  Wood, metal
    Size  Customized
    Color  Wood
    Application scenarios  Supermarket, retail stores, speciality store
    Installation  K/D installation

    Retail Store displays are generally required to be firm, because the products of the store will regularly replace the position. Therefore, the store fixtures should be able to withstand the heavy objects on it. Today this customized merchandise display is a metal-wood structure. This structure is more stable than Metal. There are 4 wheels at the bottom, which can be moved to any position. It is a commonly used shop fitting in nowadays store.

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