Custom made Merchandise Display For Vegetable

There are many types of shelves in supermarkets. Some merchandise display racks can be shared used, which can be used to display snacks and can be used to display drinks. There are also some special display racks, such as vegetable display racks.

  • Payment: T/T Or L/C
  • Product Origin: China
  • Lead time: 4 weeks
  • Brand: Custom made
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    Product information:

    Material  Wood, metal
    Size  Customized
    Color  Metal Natural wood
    Application scenarios  Supermarket, retail stores, speciality store, clothing store
    Installation  K/D installation

    Vegetables in supermarkets are generally placed in specialized location. Because there are many demand for vegetables, the grid of the vegetable display stands is relatively large, which is convenient for different customers to purchase. Vegetable racks are generally used in metal and wooden structures. The display bin uses metal structure. The cabinet is in the bottom, which can keep most of the vegetables so that the salesperson can add it in time after the vegetables in the display area are taken away.

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